Teleseminars and Self-Study Online Courses®
Destination: A New You!
How Self-Discipline is the Key to Achieving Success and Creating the Life You Want
A Maze of Problems!
A Model for Getting Unstuck and Finding Your Way to a Solution
The A to Z’s of Success
Charting a Course of Personal Achievement
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Are You Emotionally Smart?
Optimize Your EQ for Better Relationships and a More Fulfilling Life
Beating Burnout
How to Refill Your Tank When Life Has You Feeling Empty
Breaking Free From a World of Worry
How to Let Go and Find Peace in the Face of Life's Uncertainties
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Confident You!
Leap Outside Your Comfort Zone and Achieve What You Want
Courage, Risks and Rewards
Taking Chances to Change Your Life
Fertile Mind
Change Your Thoughts to Reap a Better Life
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Financial Calm
Sailing Your Way Into a Sea of Prosperity
Finding Balance
Reclaim Your Time and Live a More Fulfilling Life
Focus on Authenticity
Seeing and Living More of Who You Really Are
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From the Inside Out
Effective Ways to Manage Stress
Genius Within
Calling on Your Natural Talents
Happy Trails
The Wondrous Search for Happiness and Where to Find It
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Kaleidoscope of Choices
How What You Think and Choose Colors Your Life
The Leader's Journey
Discovering Your Leadership Impact
Lighting Your Fire
Motivation to Reach Your Goals and Change Your Life
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Money Wellness
Perspective on Earning, Saving and Spending Your Money
Motivation Magic
Awakening in Others the Inspiration to Excel

The Persuasion Equation
How to Influence Others, Sell Your Ideas, and Make Things Happen

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Overcoming Procrastination
Making Every Moment in Life Count!
The Rebel Within
Beating Self-Sabotage and Reaching Your Potential
Rhythm & Blues of Empathy
Resonating With the Feelings of Others to Build Rapport
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Say It Hear It!
The Power of Effective Communication
The Time Challenge
The Art of Getting Things Done Now!
What Matters Most
Building a Fulfilling Life on the Foundations of Your Values
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Teleseminars, webinars and other online courses are a fast growing trend. They are one of the most effective ways to reach people in all corners of the world who have a need for your service. Teleseminars, webinars and online training programs allow you to gain exposure, deliver value, create relationships, and generate income in your business.  But often, it’s difficult to take time away from your business  to create a professional quality training program.

With the Ready2Go Teleseminars & Self Study Coaching programs we’ve done it all for you.  The content is the same for each of these two products , and each product is formatted differently allowing you more ways to grow your list, deliver great value, and generate income in your business. You choose from a variety of compelling topics, customize and brand them as your own, and you are off and running!

With the Ready2Go Teleseminars and Self-Study Coaching Programs, here’s what you get:

Teleseminars – Designed to be delivered live

  • Fully developed teleseminar with agenda, teleseminar flow, all necessary content, instructions, scripting, participant exercises and handouts.
  • Marketing guide with recommendations on how to effectively market your teleseminar including logistics on how to coordinate a seamless and successful program.
  • Facilitation instructions for conducting a successful teleseminar including knowing your role, and tips on how to lead a successful teleseminar.
  • Follow-up recommendations which includes ideas for staying in touch
  • Professionally crafted invitation emails and follow up emails.

Self-Study Program – Formatted to be delivered as an independent, self-guided coaching program.

  • Fully scripted self-study program with 4-7 modules per topic. Includes participant exercises, handouts and discussion questions.
  • Follow-up plan which includes homework and coaching sessions.
  • Instructions on how to implement your Ready2Go Self-Study Program.
  • Guide on how to use your Ready2Go Self-Study Package as a free offer to grow your list.
  • 5 scenarios for how to monetize your Self-Study Program.
  • Professionally crafted invitation emails and follow up emails.

Teleseminars, Webinars, Self-Study Programs are a powerful way to communicate with, deliver great value and generate substantial income in your business.  Get yours today!

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