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    Discovering Your Leadership Impact

    Teleseminar and Self-Study Coaching Program

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    Program Summary

    Everyone is a leader. You are a leader, regardless of your role, title, or circumstance. Everywhere you go and in everything you do you are impacting and influencing others whether you know it or not. The question is, are you having the impact you want to have, or are you getting less-than-desirable results?

    Our ability to lead is driven by our mindset which affects our behaviors and therefore our results. As a leader (regardless of what or whom you’re leading), if you are getting effective results from your others, you are having a positive impact on them, and therefore yourself. If you are not getting effective results, then you must change your mindset and your behaviors, or you’ll keep getting the same results – meaning you will keep having the same negative impact.

    Why not create a leadership mindset that will fuel the behaviors that will have the impact and get the results you are seeking?

    Learning Outcomes

    As a result of this program, participants will have transformed a less-than-desirable leadership challenge into a more desirable outcome by recognizing the relationship between their mindsets, their behaviors, and the results they are getting. Participants work to prepare a description that captures the results they want to have, and the behaviors and mindset needed to achieve that impact. They will discover how mindset affects behavior which affects outcomes when leading and influencing others and adopt new ways to examine their mindset and make choices around creating new ones.

    Program Benefits

    Participants in this program will recognize the relationship between their mindsets, behaviors, and the results they get by identifying a current leadership challenge they are experiencing. They will then transform that challenge into a more desirable result, and identify the behaviors and mindset needed to achieve that result.

    The benefits of this program include:

    • Embracing the realization that I am a leader, regardless of my role, title, or situation.
    • When I think of myself as a leader, I behave differently than when I don’t think of myself as a leader.
    • A positive leadership mindset fuels my ability to behave like a leader and to have the impact I really want.
    • A non-leadership mindset sets me up to be more like a victim where I react to my circumstances rather than take charge of them.
    • Taking responsibility for the impact I have and the results I achieve so that I can consciously and proactively get the results I really want.
    • By embracing my role as a leader, regardless of my circumstances, I take responsibility for what I think and what I do.
    • By taking responsibility, I have the power to adopt a positive leadership mindset that helps me achieve the results I really want.
    • A positive leadership mindset fuels my ability to engage in behaviors that generate the results I really want.

    Course Contents

    Part I – Mindset, Behavior, Results

    • This component looks at the pitfalls of repeating behaviors that generate unwanted results.
    • Participants examine the relationship between behavior and impact, as well as the implications of the phrase, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”

    Part II – Back to the Source

    • This component examines who or what is causing a particular problem.
    • It includes three activities designed to have participants identify an unwanted problem, the behaviors producing the less-than-desirable results, and then the mindset that is producing the behaviors.
    • Participants also examine where they place blame and responsibility for the problem.

    Part III – The Leadership Mindset

    • This section explores the flip side of the view in Part II.
    • It includes three short activities designed to help participants define a goal they DO want, including the behaviors to produce it and the mindset to fuel the behaviors.
    • Participants write a statement describing the mindset they will commit to holding regarding their desired outcome.

    Part IV – Leadership Choices

    • Participants contrast the mindset that was creating an unwanted result in their life with the mindset they want to adopt to achieve desired results.

    Course Review and Application

    • This section reinforces the potent discoveries made during the program when participants work through the two pathways for the Mindset-Behavior-Impact model.

    To see a sample of the teleseminar, click here.

    To see a sample of the self-study program, click here.

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