Discovering Your Leadership Impact


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Program Summary

Although countless books, articles, and speakers have attempted to define good leadership, people continue to search for the magic formula that separates great leaders from poor leaders.

During this presentation, the audience will look at 2 of the necessary skills for leadership: making a positive impact and taking responsibility. Additionally, listeners will learn about the 4 leadership styles and be able to determine which style they most frequently use. They will understand the strengths of their style and the challenges associated with that style.

Benefits of this speech

As your audience leaves the presentation, they will walk away with more personal awareness of their leadership skills and styles and be challenged to make the small, incremental changes necessary to grow as a leader.

Speech Outline

I. Opening - 352,795 leadership book
II. Body
    a. Exercise - Most influential leader
    b. Responsibility
    c. Defining good leadership
    d. Thoughts on leadership
    e. What is leadership?
    f. Styles of leadership
    g. Activity - Rate yourself 1-10 on each style

Closing- Positive impact and someone will speak your name


To see a sample of the speech, click here.