Seeing and Living More of Who You Really Are

Teleseminar and Self-Study Online Course

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Program Summary

What would the world be like if everyone could safely express themselves honestly, revealing who they are and what they feel? What if we didn’t have to speak, act and think as our family, friends, media and society expect?

We would be living in a world of true authenticity.

Being authentic in life is difficult because it means we have to be open and truthful with who we really are. It means we have to be conscious of our thoughts and feelings, our hopes and fears, and risk the disapproval of others when pursuing our dreams and passions.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When we’re being more authentic we feel more connected to who we are at our core. We can avoid living a divided life where our words, choices, and actions are not in line with our true selves. We can express ourselves more fully and with more confidence.

In this program your participants will explore what being ‘authentic’ really means and what causes them to live their lives in inauthentic ways. It’s when we’re real that will we take risks and go for what we truly want. Only when we’re real can we tap into the hidden power that comes with being and expressing our true selves.

Learning Outcomes:

From this program, your participants will discover:

  • How to feel more confident, more often
  • The TOP 3 obstacles to living authentically…and how to overcome them
  • How to free yourself from other people’s opinions & expectations
  • The secrets of feeling more connected to yourself & others
  • How to gain greater clarity & peace of mind about who you are, what you want and where you are going
  • How to quiet the inner critic & boldly pursue your passions
  • How to gain TRUE RESPECT from your friends, family, boss and co-workers.

Course Contents:

Introduction– Authentic Perspectives

  • Introductory Activity: “Authentic Perspectives”
    • Activity Objective: Participants examine the multitude of reasons why people find it risky to let others see and experience who they really are.

Segment #1 – Authenticity and You

  • Activity: “The Waterline”
    • Activity Objective: Participants consider aspects of authenticity through the use of a helpful metaphor.

Segment #2 – What Causes Us to Lives Our Lives in Inauthentic Ways?

  • Activity #1: “What Causes Us to be Inauthentic?”
    • Activity Objective: Participants reflect on the ramifications of living inauthentically.
  • Activity #2: “You should…”
    • Activity Objective: Participants examine how what others say influences us to be less authentic.

Segment #3– Persona vs. Character

  • Activity#1: “Persona vs. Character”
    • Activity Objective: Participants explore the difference between their public persona and their true character.
  • Activity #2: “The Mask I Wear”
    • Activity Objective: Participants identify the persona they wear in public and what that persona may be hiding.

Application – Becoming More Real

  • Activity: “Becoming More Real”
    • Activity Objective: Participants distinguish between the times they feel most and least authentic and the subsequent behavior that results from each.

To see a sample of the teleseminar, click here.

To see a sample of the self-study online course, click here.

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