Resonating with the Feelings of Others to Build Rapport

Teleseminar and Self-Study Online Course

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Program Summary

Empathy is often referred to as the door that leads to compassion. It is perhaps the most important element to building strong rapport with others. The term 'empathy' comes from the German term einfuhlung, which means "to feel as one with".

Empathy is commonly linked to the idea of "walking in another person's shoes". It is the skill we use to understand, relate to, or sense another person's emotional state. This means empathy is about feeling alongside a person as opposed to feeling sorry for a person.

From a communication perspective, empathy allows us to better understand how someone else is feeling. Showing empathy doesn't mean we agree with someone else's point of view; it just means we can imagine what it is like for them and be understanding of their situation.

Each of us has the capacity to be more empathetic in our dealings with others. However, many people think it's a trait that only a few possess. This is not true. Every person has the ability to be more empathetic; they just need to understand the term better, appreciate its amazing benefits to relationships of all kinds, and learn how easily it can be developed.

In this program, your participants will learn more about this very misunderstood skill and walk away with simple, yet powerful tools to increase their own level of empathy so they create stronger rapport with all the important people in their lives.

Learning Outcomes

Your participants will explore:

  • Powerful techniques to instantly have more influence and rapport with others.
  • Strategies to eliminate distractions, focus on others, and truly hear what they are saying.
  • A unique Five Step Method for building trust through conversation.
  • How to connect with anyone, "heart to heart," any time.
  • Simple ways to deepen existing relationships that you may not have thought of...but will change everything.
  • How to recognize & identify other people's emotional states & feelings.
  • Secrets to minimize conflict & maximize cooperation.
  • The #1 key element in building strong rapport with others.

Course Contents


  • Introductory Activity - "The Blind Man"
    • Activity Objective: Participants begin to explore what empathy is and its significance in our relationships.

Segment #1: What is Empathy?

  • Activity #1: "Sound Resonance. A Way to Define Empathy."
    • Activity Objective: Participants take notes during a mini-lecture and then choose appealing words and phrases they would use to define empathy.

Segment #2: Why is Having Empathy So Critical?

  • Activity #1: "Color Your World"
    • Activity Objective: Participants recognize how emotions and feelings can differ between people, requiring us to understand the other person's point of view.

Segment #3: How Can I Develop My Empathy?

  • Activity #1: "Developing My Empathy"
    • Activity Objective: Participants are introduced to a process for developing empathy and recognize how this process can help establish greater rapport with others.
  • Activity #2: "Tell Me a Story"
    • Activity Objective: Participants practice identifying the emotions being expressed by someone using the empathy development steps they just learned.

Application: Empathy Tips

  • Activity: "Journaling"
    • Activity Objective: Participants spend a few moments journaling about a current situation where a more empathetic approach might bring about a better solution.

To see a sample of the teleseminar, click here.

To see a sample of the self-study online course, click here.

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