Having a Healthy Perspective on Earning, Saving and Spending Your Money

Teleseminar and Self-Study Online Course

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Program Summary

Spend now, pay later. It's a mindset that so many people have when it comes to money. Just pull out the credit card, and then pay for it later when the bill comes. But even when the credit card bill does arrive, there's a tendency to pay only the minimum amount due, and the debt begins to mount.

Our handling of money can become a dangerous cycle of getting ourselves deeper and deeper into debt. It can also become a strong source of stress and tension in our lives and relationships.

Money, and our relationship with it, doesn't need to be difficult. Helping your participants gain control of their finances and get to a healthier financial place is actually easier then it seems.

In this program your participants will learn about three simple changes they can do for making wiser financial decisions with their hard-earned money. Money Wellness! will help them better understand their financial situation – where their money comes from and where it is going – and will give your participants insight into how to reduce their debt, lower their financial stress and gain more financial freedom.

Learning Outcomes

From this program your participants will be able to...

  • Take a pulse of their current financial condition and see more clearly how their hard-earned money is being spent.
  • Identify personal, future financial goals and prioritize their importance.
  • Recognize how they commonly attach emotions to their spending, thus creating strong money behaviors that can work against us improving their financial outlook.

Course Contents

Introductory Activity – Money Mindfulness

  • Activity: "What's on the Bill?"
  • Activity Objective: Participants notice their level of observation and mindfulness by testing how familiar they are with what's printed on currency.

Segment #1 – Where You Are With Your Money Today

  • Activity: "In One Hand and Out the Other"
  • Activity Objective: Participants fill out a worksheet to help them become more aware of where they stand with their money.

Segment #2 – Where You Want To Be With Your Money Tomorrow

  • Activity: "Daydreams and Dollar Signs"
  • Activity Objective: Participants brainstorm future financial goals and determine which goals matter the most.

Segment #3 ' What's In The Way?

  • Activity: "Our Money Values"
  • Activity Objective: Participants explore the emotions and habits that drive their money spending behavior.

Application – Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

  • Activity: "Getting Where You Want To Be"
  • Activity Objective: Participants reflect on the perspective they want to have on their financial planning going forward and then commit to applying the learning they are taking away from this program.

To see a sample of the teleseminar, click here.

To see a sample of the self-study online course, click here.

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