How Self-Discipline is the Key to Achieving Success and Creating the Life You Want

Teleseminar and Self-Study Online Course

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Program Summary

If you’re reading this message, you probably have a lot you want to accomplish in this world. You have goals, opportunities, dreams and ideas within you that are waiting to be birthed.

You’ve probably accomplished a lot already - perhaps you have gone to school, had a successful career or two, raised a family, traveled the world, and created a comfortable home…

And yet there is still more that you want to get done. However, life’s other priorities stand in your way - between who you are right now, and the fully-realized version of you that’s bursting at the seams to come out.

You know that you could achieve your dreams, if only you could get past the internal and external obstacles that are keeping you from what you need to do.

Whether you want to launch a new business, publish your book, or simply drop a few pounds in time for next summer, you have to find a way to deal with the part of you that vacillates between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. You must somehow muster the strength to focus, persevere, and keep going, no matter what.

Fortunately, with a little self-discipline you can. And the good news is, it’s not as hard as it seems.

From this training course, your participants will get clear on what self-discipline is, what dispositions within them are necessary to strengthen their self-discipline, and what external factors are at work against them.

Your participants will create their own plan for strengthening their self-discipline, and proactively managing the factors working against them.

These are the very same skills and practices used by Olympic Athletes, Fortune 500 execs and high-level leaders to overcome their fears and obstacles and GET THINGS DONE.

And this training will guide your clients through a process to set goals, identify obstacles, and strengthen their self-discipline for success!

Learning Outcome

  • How to set your intention on a goal and use self-discipline to get you there
  • Why most people fail at discipline…and how shift your perspective and action for greater success
  • 3 powerful strategies for boosting your self-control and delaying gratification
  • The ONE thing that will keep you going when your willpower drains away
  • 9 proven tactics to avoid distraction and handle your “discipline disruptors”
  • The 3 types of alliances that will help you focus and achieve at a higher level
  • One thing that derails your self-discipline…EVERY time, and how to avoid it
  • What you can learn about self-discipline from world-class athletes

Course Contents

Introduction – A Conversation with Your Future Self
Activity: “A Talk with Your Future Self”
Activity Objective: Participants ask their Future Selves questions about their current life choices.

Self-Discipline Road Map Overview
“Self-Discipline Road Map Overview”
Activity Objective: Participants are introduced to the Self-Discipline Road Map to strengthen their self-discipline as they work towards reaching an important goal.

Section #1 – ‘Get Going’ – Having a Strong ‘Why?’
Activity #1: “
Get Going”
Activity Objective: Activity Objective: Participants learn about the importance of motivation, willpower and having a ‘strong why’ in order to achieve a goal.

Activity #2 – “Your Important Personal Goal and the ‘Why?’ Behind It”
Activity Objective: Learners identify an important personal goal their ‘why?’ for pursuing it.

Section #2 – ‘Delay Gratification’ – Discipline Enhancers
Activity #1:
“Discipline Enhancers”
Activity Objective: Participants are introduced to discipline enhancing techniques that work to strengthen a person’s self-discipline and delay gratification.

Activity #2 – “Delaying Gratification”
Activity Objective:
Learners choose discipline enhancing techniques to incorporate into their lives for the next 30 days to strengthen their self-discipline and achieve their goal.

Section #3 – ‘Avoid Distractions – Discipline Disruptors
Activity #1: “
Discipline Distractors”
Activity Objective: Participants are introduced to discipline tactics that can counter the distractions that can weaken self-discipline.

Activity #2 – “Tactics for Handling Discipline Distractors”
Activity Objective: Learners choose tactics to incorporate into their lives for the next 30 days to help them avoid distractions as they pursue their goal.
Section #4 – ‘Think Long-term’ – Reaching Your Goal

Activity #1: “Thinking Long-term”
Activity Objective: Participants explore different perspectives to help them think more long-term and enhance the staying power of their self-discipline.

Activity #2 – “Perspectives for Thinking More Long-Term”
Activity Objective:
Learners choose a perspective to incorporate into their lives for the next 30 days to empower them to think more long term as they pursue their goal.

Application – What I am Feeling
“What I am Feeling”
Activity Objective: Participants reflect on what they are feeling about the training and what they have learned from this experience.

To see a sample of the teleseminar, click here.

To see a sample of the self-study online course, click here.

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