How Self-Discipline is the Key to Achieving Success and Creating the Life You Want

Starter Package

How the Starter Pack is Good for Your Business

The Starter Packs are designed to help you grow your list and nurture relationships with the new and current members on your list by providing valuable content that keeps you in touch. Consistency in communication is critical when you are building your business. And what better way to communicate than to give your current and future clients free content on topics they care about.

In each Starter Pack you get:

  • 5-10 page Special Report
  • 2 Articles
  • 12 Success Tips
  • 60 Tweets

This is more than 40 pages of done4you content that you can customize as your own, to help springboard you in your business to grow your list and nuture relationships on a regular basis.

Program Summary

Have you ever told yourself the story that you’re “just not one of those self-disciplined people?” You know, the ones who are up before dawn getting to the gym, or practicing their instrument hours for at a time, or working late into the night and early in the morning to get their manuscript to the publisher?

If so, you’re definitely not alone. This is a common story throughout human history. It goes something like: Some people are just naturally made to risk and go big, and others are born to play it safe and sit on the sidelines. This is the BIG lie we tell ourselves to keep ourselves small and safe. And when we believe these untruths, the world, and we, miss out on the great gifts we have to offer.

Really what we’re missing is a simple skill that helps us to say ‘yes’ when we want to say ‘no’. It helps us to push through the discomfort to get to the reward. And it gets us going and keeps us going when things get difficult.

It’s self-discipline.

This Starter Pack entitled Destination: A New You, provides great value to your current and potential clients on an important and relevant topic that can help them take control of their thoughts, their actions, and therefore their lives to achieve greater success.

Being self-disciplined takes effort, commitment, struggle and sacrifice. But it feels so good! And the special report, articles, success tips and tweets in this Starter Pack give your clients specific tools and actionable strategies for setting goals, identifying their weaknesses, leaning into their strengths, and staying the course to their desired end.