The Power of Effective Communication

Teleseminar and Self-Study Coaching Program

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Program Summary

It may come as a surprise, but communicating with others is the one activity you do more than any other – except for breathing. No doubt there’s plenty of communicating going on in your life. But how effective is it? What results does it get you? Let’s face it, excellent interpersonal communication skills are the most potent career and personal skills you can possess, but just because you have the ability to speak doesn’t mean you are effectively speaking, and your ability to hear doesn’t mean you’re truly hearing what someone else is saying to you.

No matter what your life circumstance, the ability to interact effectively with others can have a major impact on your job performance and on the quality of your relationships with others.

In today’s high-stress, fast-paced world, it is more difficult than ever to take the time to be a good communicator. Simply hearing someone else is not enough; neither is just talking and assuming others immediately understand what you are telling them.

The truth is – old habits are hard to break, and if your communication habits are as unskilled as most people’s are, then there’s a lot of habit-breaking to do. In this program, your clients will learn powerful techniques to be better speakers and listeners by discovering more about: What is it that we are really looking for when we communicate with each other? What gets in the way of our communication and how to overcome it? And what is essential in all communication interactions.

Here’s what your participants will gain during this interactive, educational and fun program:

Learning Outcome

By the end of this program, attendees will have learned tools to enable them to more effectively communicate with others using both verbal and nonverbal communication skills. They will also be able to enhance their listening skills to avoid misunderstandings. Such improvement in skills will support participants in building collaborative relationships through communication that emphasize mutual trust and respect.

Program Benefits

Communication skills are an essential element for every person. Participants in this program will gain the awareness of what it takes to initiate and respond successfully in their conversations with others.

Program benefits include:

  • Recognizing what makes for successful communication.
  • Recognizing how easily things can go astray and how to avoid communication misunderstandings.
  • Assessing our effectiveness in our communications
  • Paying attention to verbal and nonverbal cues.
  • Identifying internal and external factors that impact communication.
  • Listening to the entire message being conveyed.

Course Contents

Part I - The Messages We Send

  • “The Challenge in Communicating” – how easy it is to go all wrong.
    • This component starts with engaging the participant around “The Challenge in Communicating” and includes an activity where participants listen to instructions on how to draw an image and attempt to draw what is being described.
  • The Messages We Send" - Emphasizes that communication involves sending the message and ensuring it has been received.
    • This component explores “The Four Sides of Communication.”
  • “Measuring our Communication Effectiveness” – assessing our current skill level when it comes to communication.
    • This component includes an activity called, “Communication Effectiveness” where participants answer 10 questions in order to assess their own skills at effectively communicating.

Part II – The Messages We Receive

  • “Exploring Listening” – realizing that how we listen determines what we hear.
    • This component includes an activity called, “The Sounds Around You” where participants perform an exercise that heightens their listening skills
  • “Listening Quiz” – assessing our current skill level when it comes to listening.
    • This component includes an activity called, “Listening Quiz” where participants take a 10 question quiz to assess and then discuss their current listening skills.
  • “Listening With CARE” – how to immediately improve our current listening skills.
    • This component includes an activity called “Listening With CARE” where participants write down a simple formula for improving their listening, and determine which skill they will commit to the next time they are required to listen to somebody.

To see a sample of the teleseminar, click here.

To see a sample of the self-study online course, click here.

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