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    Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change

    Teleseminar and Self-Study Coaching Program

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    Program Summary

    Conflict. What do you think of when you hear that word? How does conflict make you feel? Conflict is inevitable – it’s a normal aspect of human interaction. Conflict arises from unmet needs, unrecognized differences, and difficulties in coping with life changes and challenges. At the heart of every conflict are two people striving for something better. Conflict will exist as long as people work and live together.

    This program explores with your participants why they react to conflict the way they do, and provides new perspectives around how they approach conflict so they can see it in a more positive light.

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this program, participants will be able to recognize what contributes to conflict and what contributes to its resolution. They will also be able to explain how personal behaviors fuel the conflicts we find ourselves in and discover their preferred method for dealing with conflict . Such awareness will support participants in moving past conflict, resolving it, and creating positive change as an outcome of any conflict situation.

    Program Benefits

    • How we define conflict, and what key elements are at play in all conflict.

    • Explore how our limiting beliefs can perpetuate conflict in our lives.

    • Learn to recognize the potential for disagreements and how handle properly to avoid conflict.

    • Discover how our personal behaviors fuel the conflicts we find ourselves in.

    • Discover our preferred method for dealing with conflict.

    • Learn a practical tool for creating a better outcome in conflict situations.

    Course Contents

    Part I – What is Conflict?

    • Activity:  "Defining Conflict"
    •  Activity Objective:  How do we define conflict, and what key elements are at play in all conflict.

    • Activity: "The Seeds of Conflict"
    • Activity Objective:  Participants learn the importance of being able to work together and make important decisions.

    • Activity: "What Contributes to Conflict Development"
    • Activity Objective:  Participants identify the behaviors that contribute to making conflicts escalate.

    Part II – How to Deal With Conflict

    • Activity: "Limiting Beliefs"
    • Activity Objective:  Participants discover the limiting beliefs we hold that will undoubtedly add to the conflicts we encounter.

    • Activity: "The Way We Manage Conflict"
    • Activity Objective: Participants assess and identify their own preferred style of managing conflict and recognize the implications of having that style.

    • Activity: "STEP into Conflict"
    • Activity Objective:  Participants are introduced to a practical tool for helping resolve conflict in everyday life.


    To see a sample of the teleseminar, click here.

    To see a sample of the sel-study program, click here.


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