Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change


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Program Summary

This presentation is designed to share insights about how to resolve conflict peacefully and productively. This is a topic that is of interest and benefit to everyone. It is full of useful and practical tips as well as anecdotes that support key points.

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Benefits of this speech

Your group will walk away with 4 useful tips for dealing with the most common types of conflict we all face at work and at home. They will be able to identify their typical reaction to conflict and will learn some tools for dealing with conflict more effectively.

Speech Outline

  • Introductory story and example

  • Introduction to conflict

  • Foundational principles of conflict

  • Audience identifies a conflict in their life

  • 4 steps to managing conflict

  • Review the 4 steps

  • Illustrate learning by re-introducing the opening example

  • Re-direct attention to issues identified by audience members and review 4 steps

  • Closing

To see a sample of the speech, click here.