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    Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change

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    Program Summary

    With twelve 250-400 word professionally crafted 'mini' articles, your clients will get tools and strategies they need to send as weekly success tips, use as blog posts, or short articles in your newsletter.

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    Introspection Before Conflict: Being Prepared from the Inside Out

    Let’s face it; nothing gets our blood boiling like a serious conflict. Maybe you notice that your heart beats faster, your palms sweat, and your face flushes. Your body gets the adrenaline pumping in preparation. When you feel these bodily signals, it’s a good idea to take some deep breaths and do some introspection. Before you face a conflict, ask yourself these questions:

    • Would I rather win the argument or win the relationship?

    • What rule states that someone else "must" do what I want?

    • What are some options to solving this conflict?

    • How can I be a part of the solution, and create a ‘win-win’ for all involved?

    • In the grand scheme of things, how important is this issue? Is this person?

    • To what extent can I just ‘Let it go?’

    Your inner preparation will pay off with a calmer demeanor and response when you face conflict. This benefits both you and the other person, and lays the groundwork for successful conflict resolution to occur.

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    To see a sample of the success tips, click here.