Effective Ways to Manage Stress


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Program Summary

This presentation is designed to share insights about understanding and managing stress. Stress is a topic that interests everyone. Although we usually know when we experience stress, most people are not aware of the underlying causes of stress, the body’s reaction to stress, and practical stress management techniques.

Since most meeting planners want to know what you are going to talk about, it is best to describe the speech in terms of benefits. Often this is used in promotional materials.

Benefits of this speech

Your group will walk away with a better awareness of what stress is – how stress can work for you and the negative implications of prolonged stress.

They will understand how stress impacts their physical and emotional well-being and learn ways to minimize the negative impact of stress.

Participants will walk away with a new perspective and new skills about how they can manage stress.

Speech Outline

  • Introduction to stress

  • What causes stress?

  • What is stress?

  • Kinds of stress

  • Impacts of stress

  • Categories of stress

  • Stress management techniques

  • Closing


To see a sample of the speech, click here.