Effective Ways to Manage Stress

Audio Training Program

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Program Summary

Stress is serious business.

You want to make sure you handle it as soon as possible, because its effects can impact you in all kinds of negative ways.

If you want to live a long, rewarding and healthy life, you must learn to effectively deal with the many types of stress you encounter.

Stress is a silent killer, responsible for aches and pains, mysterious ailments and is even a precursor to deadly diseases.

That’s why it’s so important to know as much as you can about stress, its causes and the most potent ways to minimize or eliminate it from your daily life.

In this audio series we’ll explore all of these things so you can be as informed as possible and take the necessary actions to be stress-free as soon as possible – or at least have less stress!

Each 5-7 minute audio will give you some excellent information and advice on what stress is, what it can do to you and how to minimize it.

Learning Outcomes

In these 6 short audios your clients and prospects will learn:

  • Learn about different types of stress -  productive tension (good stress) and distress (bad stress).
  • Discover the 4 different and equally debilitating categories of stress and presumably notice some of them in your life.
  • Learn how to reduce stress in work, relationships, and by taking care of our personal well being.
  • Be amazed out how men and women uniquely respond to stress.
  • Discover how to spot burn-out and stop it before it’s too late.
  • Get tips on how to keep your stress levels under control when others you are dealing with are stressed out.

Course Content

Audio #1. Stress 101

Audio #2. Identifying 4 Categories of Stress and What to Do About Them

Audio #3. Tools for Reducing Stress

Audio #4. How Men and Women Respond to Stress

Audio #5. Avoiding Burnout

Audio #6. How to Stay Cool When Others are Hot

Audio Training programs are a powerful tool for delivering value, and keeping in touch with your clients and prospects.

To see a sample of the audio training program, click here.