The Art of Getting Things Done Now!


To see a sample of the tweets, click here.

Program Summary

Now you can stay in touch with your Twitter friends more easily and frequently.

60 professionally written tweets that allow you to tweet on a regular basis!

Here are some examples of Tweets that come in your package:

  • Time is a resource that once spent, cannot be refunded. Spend wisely. Learn to make the most of your time here: <put url>
  • Top reasons why people procrastinate: Fear of failing, no motivation, no focus & feeling overwhelmed. What’s yours?
  • Do you find yourself procrastinating by surfing the internet, watching tv, eating or sleeping? Beat it with these tips: <put url>
  • If your work quality suffers because you put things off, you may be a procrastinator. Stop suffering today: <put url>
  • Putting something off doesn’t make it go away. Tackling it and getting it done does.
  • Great tips for overcoming procrastination: keep a to-do list, mark items as urgent/important, and set time-bound goals.

Order today, so that you can begin creating more awareness, making powerful connections, and promoting your products and services .

To see a sample of the tweets, click here.