The Art of Getting Things Done Now!

Audio Training Program

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Program Summary

If your clients are tired of feeling defeated when they think of all the projects they’ve left half finished, or all those dreams they’ve never started, it’s time to take heart - they have you to help them through. Everyone procrastinates to some degree. But left unchecked, procrastination can grow to be a crippling habit that can rob people of confidence, opportunity and the ability to achieve their dreams. Every missed window takes its toll and strains self-worth, motivation, finances, health and relationships.

Your clients can soon be on their way to banishing that defeated feeling forever. This 6 part audio training will help your clients build more trust, opportunity & confidence in every aspect of their lives. These enlightening audio downloads are chock-full of valuable information that your clients can use right away to help navigate the challenges of life, both internal & external. They will grow stronger, more aware and more dependable with each audio module.

Learning Outcomes

In this 6 part audio training series, your prospect and clients will discover:

  • 7 tricks that productive people use to get it done now…
  • How to become fearless in the face of uncertainty…
  • 4 easy ways to set yourself up for success…in any situation…
  • Simple ways to eliminate procrastination in your daily life…
  • How to overcome analysis paralysis & emotional overwhelm…
  • A 3-step process to avert & escape daily drama…
  • How procrastination pulls cash from your wallet…and how to stop it…

The audios are 4-6 minutes long and filled with ideas that will help you and your clients become more productive and successful.

Course Content

The titles for the audio series are:

Audio #1 – What is Procrastination?

Audio #2 – 7 Habits of Highly Productive People

Audio #3 – The High Cost of Putting It Off

Audio #4 – Easy Ways To Escape Analysis Paralysis

Audio #5 – How To Get Out Of Trouble

Audio #6 – Simple Fixes For Every Day Procrastinators

Audio Training programs are a powerful tool for keeping in touch with your clients and prospects, and delivering great value. Order the Overcoming Procrastination audio training program today.

To see a sample of the audio training program, click here.