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Audio Training Program

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Program Summary

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do, at some point or another, your mind plays tricks on you.

Have you ever been absolutely convinced about something, only to find out later that it’s false?

Have you ever talked yourself out of doing something that was potentially fun, adventurous, or really good for your career?

Have you ever convinced yourself that you’re not good enough, strong enough, young enough, or smart enough to do what you really want to do?

Well, that’s your mind playing tricks on you.

It’s not that your mind is mean, malicious, or “out to get you”…no, it’s just trying to help.

You were born with an incredibly powerful tool built into your system, and if you’re like most people, you have no idea what it’s capable of.

You let it operate on overdrive with no guidance or supervision, and then you wonder why you’ve got trouble & messes scattered throughout your life.

Here's an important fact: Your mind wants to work on your behalf, and it will follow the orders you give it. However, if you don’t consciously give it something to do, it will keep itself busy, taking orders from the random input you provide it…and that’s when things get tricky.

Introducing The Fertile Mind audio training program - a 6 part audio course where your clients will discover strategies, tools and tricks to start managing their mind, and choosing more empowering thoughts to move them forward in all areas of life. In 6 audio trainings, your clients will discover how to think more clearly, make better choices, and live their life in alignment with their own design. Our mind is an immensely powerful tool for creation, understanding and intelligence, and it’s time to learn how to use it in healthy, productive ways.

This program will show your clients how.

Learning Outcomes

In this 6 part audio training series, your prospect and clients will discover:

  • Why mind management is essential to your overall success & happiness
  • Specific tools for staying focused on what’s most important to you
  • 4 easy steps to eliminating negative self-talk, every time it pops up
  • Power phrases you can use any time to instantly improve your mind
  • The #1 most effective mind management tool you’ll ever use
  • How to get what you really want in life
  • The 4 things YOU should be doing every morning to start your day.

The audios are 5-7 minutes long and filled with ideas that will help your clients become more productive and successful.

Course Content

he titles for the audio series are:

Audio #1: Your Mighty Mind

Audio #2: Sowing the Seeds of Success

Audio #3: A Light on Your Mind

Audio #4: The Deep End

Audio #5: Pulling Weeds

Audio #6: First Things First

Audio Training programs are a powerful tool for keeping in touch with your clients and prospects, and delivering great value.

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To see a sample of the audio training program, click here.