Making Every Moment in Life Count!

Audio Training Program

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Program Summary

Let’s face it…we all have a finite amount of time to spend on this planet. And in that short time, we have only so much energy for all of our passions, projects and noble pursuits. Meanwhile…there are a million errands to run, newsfeeds to scroll through and so many urgent obligations to fulfill…I mean…every day is SO FULL, right?

We all have busy, hectic lives. We all get distracted. We all waste time. Between over-commitments, well-meaning visitors, smart phones (distraction at our fingertips), and all the stimuli that the internet has to offer, it’s a miracle any of us get anything done.

Wouldn’t it be great to help your clients free up some of their time from the schedule, expectations and demand, and start focusing on living a life of meaning and fulfillment? You can by giving your prospects and clients a shift of perspective, the right tools, and a little guidance. And now those tools and tactics are readily available for them in a clear, concise, and easy-to-follow format.

Managing Your Moments is a 6-part Audio Training Series designed to help your clients live a richer, more fulfilling life, loaded with love, security, and moments that matter.

Learning Outcomes

In this 6 part audio training series, your prospect and clients will discover:

  • 3 inner game tricks used by the best time managers in history
  • How to take control of your time & eliminate what doesn’t matter
  • 4 easy steps to keeping the best of perfectionism & leaving the rest behind
  • Simple ways to eliminate distraction from your daily life
  • How to ask for help in the best, most effective ways possible
  • A 3-step process to avert & escape daily drama
  • How to outsmart your smart phone, and make technology work for you
  • How to empower the people around you & save yourself a ton of time

These carefully crafted audio segments are only 4-6 minutes long, so they can listen to them at their convenience and easily integrate each bite-sized lesson into their daily life. They will be amazed at how easy it is to redirect their days and add more meaning to their lives, fast.

Course Content

The titles for the audio series are:

Audio #1 – The 3 Secrets of Brilliant Time Managers

Audio #2 – How to Handle Your Time Suckers

Audio #3 – The Resources Around You

Audio #4 – 7 Habits of Amazing Time Managers

Audio #5 – Great Delegation

Audio #6 – The Power of Imperfection

Audio Training programs are a powerful tool for keeping in touch with your clients and prospects, and delivering great value. Order the Managing Moments audio training program today.


To see a sample of the audio training program, click here.