A Model for Getting Unstuck and Finding Your Way to a Solution

Audio Training Program

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Program Summary

No matter who you are, where you are, how much money you make or how many friends you have, one thing is for sure.

We’ve all got problems.

Big problems, little problems, work problems, money problems, family problems, love problems, math problems, health problems, weight problems, self-esteem problems, confidence problems, you name it…we got problems in the White House, problems in Hollywood, problems on Main Street, problems in Timbuktu. And of course, I could go on for DAYS, or even weeks, but I think you get the point. We’ve all got a few issues.

And it seems that the more problems we solve, the more we find. The more we hide from our problems, the bigger our problems get. No matter what, these problems just won’t go away!

So, what do we do about that? …Well, I think you know the answer.

We solve those problems,
and then we solve the ones that come after them.
As quickly, easily and permanently as possible.

The good news is, you’re already a pretty good problem solver, because you’ve been solving problems, in some form or fashion, since the day you were born.

In fact, the success you’ve created in your life so far is a direct result of your ability to solve the problems that you have faced.

But what about the BIG problems???

It’s true, some of the problems that arise in your life don’t seem to have an answer. What do we do with those? How do we handle them?

We have taken the knowledge from some of the greatest problem solvers in the world and put it together in a 6-part audio training that your clients will love!

Learning Outcomes

  • How to move beyond all confusion and get to the root of any problem
  • How to find the opportunities in your problems
  • The 7 habits of highly effective problem solvers
  • The #1 BEST way to develop and hone your powers of problem solving
  • A 4-step problem-solving process that takes seemingly overwhelming challenges, and turns them into manageable solutions
  • The 8 traits of history’s most effective problem solvers

Course Content

Audio #1: What’s Your Problem?

Audio #2: The Hidden Opportunity

Audio #3: Simple Solutions

Audio #4: The Great 8 (Part I)

Audio #5: The Great 8 (Part II)

Audio #6: Solving Problems Like A Boss

To see a sample of this audio training program, click here.