Reclaim Your Time and Live a More Fulfilling Life


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Program Summary

This presentation is designed to help audience members understand what they can do to achieve more life balance. The aspiration of balancing life and work is one that most people quickly identify as a top priority for an overall sense of well being. However, it is one of those personal goals that is often difficult to define because it is different for everyone. Most people have a sense of when they are out of balance, but often feel that attaining balance is out of their control.

The speech gives a practical definition of life balance and helps participants recognize how the choices they make impact their ability to achieve life balance and personal fulfillment.

This is a hot topic that is of interest and benefit to everyone. It is full of useful and practical tips as well as anecdotes that support key points.


Benefits of this speech

Your group will walk away with a better understanding of life balance and learn useful tips for making small changes for achieving a greater sense of fulfillment. They will be able to identify what life balance means to them and how the choices they make impact that sense of balance. Participants will develop a new perspective on how they can achieve a more balanced life.

Life Balance Speech - Outline


I. Introduction
II. Define life balance
  a. Work / life balance
  b. Being out of balance
III. Balance is not a natural state
IV. Life balance is a choice
V. Decision making process to stay in balance
Vi. Learning to Say NO
VII. Additional thoughts
  a. Life balance means different things to different people
  b. Out of balance comes with a price
  c. Choose to make small changes for more life balance
VIII. Speaker’s offer
VIX. Closing
  a. Life is never in complete state of balance
  b. Invite audience to connect with you
  c. Peace of incubation
  c. Final wish


To see a sample of the speech, click here.