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How to Create Valuable Content in 30 Minutes or Less

For some people content creation is a welcomed task.
For others it creates panic and doubt.

But in our business, content is a necessity.

You will not be able to build your business
to the level you desire without your ability to
deliver free and paid tips, strategies, how to’s,
and other resources to address your target
market’s needs.

This is non-negotiable.

Content is used for four primary purposes:
- to grow your list
- to nurture relationships
- to convert prospects to paying clients
- to generate income through the delivery of your
products, programs and services.

You will want to have an abundance of content
that you can deliver in various forms
(written, audio, video) to serve these four purposes.

If you struggle with content creation,here are
a few simple strategies to EASILY create tips,
tricks, strategies and how to’s for your
prospects and clients.

1. Start small.
To build your “content creation muscle”,
write something as simple as a “tip” -
a 150-350 word ‘mini article’ that offers
value in the form of strategies, resources,
tips and how to’s that adress your target
market’s needs, interests and wants.
Tips can also be thought provoking
and inspirational.

2. Think of a question that your ideal client
would ask you about their biggest problems
and answer that question.

3. Think of one particular person who is a client
or prospect and write as though you are talking
to them.

4. Answer in a conversational tone.
Write the way you speak. If this is a struggle
for you, try recording your answer and then
transcribe it.

5. Keep it tight. The problem usually isn’t that
we don’t have enough to say, it usually is that
we have too much to say.
Once we get on a roll, the information
keeps coming and coming. We do not
know where to stop. We end up with
too much information and get confused
about what to keep in, and what to
put in another ‘tip’.

Before you write your tip,
think of one, two or three points to share
to answer the question. Then make only
one or two comments about those points.
This is will allow you to keep your tip focused
and tight, and keep you from running away
with too much content.

Following these few simple strategies will help you
to build your “content creation muscle” so
creating new content becomes an easy task.

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List + Regular Communications = Sales

If you don’t have a list, then you don’t have anybody to market to. If you don’t have anybody to market to, then you don’t have anybody to sell your products and services to. And if you don’t have anybody to sell to, then you can’t sustain a business.

It’s not that far off to say “the person with the biggest list wins.” Or more importantly to say, “the person with the biggest ‘targeted’ list wins”.

List + Regular Communications = Sales

To market effectively, you must have a plan for growing your list, marketing consistently to your list, and converting your prospects and clients. And the 1st step in that plan is to get a name.

When initially marketing to your target audience, the idea should not be to get a sale, but instead to get the name. You will be much more effective if you are marketing your products and services to people who are on your list as opposed to marketing to the general population, even if they are your ideal audience.

The reason for this is that most people when they first become exposed to your business will not be ready to buy. They need time to get to know you, and develop some familiarity and trust before they engage in a client relationship. And if you have their name, you can develop a plan to accomplish that.

Let me give you an example. I follow about a handful of successful marketers, including Jack Canfield. Jack is a very successful author and speaker in the personal development industry.

When Jack has a new product to promote or is doing an event in a city, he may advertise in the local newspaper or on the radio, and if so, I’m sure he gets a small percentage of response from those advertising sources. But Jack sells his products and fills his events mostly from his list. It’s much easier and cost effective to sell to a captured audience who has expressed an interest in your products and services than to a mass market. And Jack is very strategic about the free offers, discounts and enticing communications that he sends to his list to get them to respond.

So keep in mind, it is most effective to first bring your target market into your fold – get them on your list first – and then market to them there.

So how do you get a name? Here are some tips for doing that.

Choose a market –
Having a targeted market allows you to focus more on the needs, culture, and nuances of that market and to be more effective in your marketing efforts therefore, getting you the greatest results. This is a struggle for many business owners because they feel they will be limiting themselves, but the fact is you will have far greater success by marketing to a single market deeply than trying to market to many markets shallowly.
Our culture today is looking for specialists, not generalists. We are looking for people who we feel confident can solve our problems and meet our needs. By choosing a market, you will get known in your market, and establish yourself as a credible expert.

Find where they frequent –
When you have a specific market, you can go to where they frequent most and market to them there.
Brainstorm the places they frequent, by asking yourself these questions:
- Where do they go physically?
- What websites do they visit?
- What online communities are they a part of?
- What organizations are they a part of, etc.?

Capture their attention and get them to take action –
And you do that by giving something of perceived value for free that will allow the prospect to exchange their name for your offer. Many of us have been exposed to this strategy or are already using it in our own business. This strategy is a very effective way to grow your list. I recommend everyone have some sort of a special free offer to use to grow their list where the prospect goes to a single web page or your home page and download it there..

Once you get the name, then the relationship begins. And relationships are built from regular communication, giving value, and allowing your prospect to get to know, like and trust you. And the relationship continues until they are ready to buy. And hopefully it continues long after with referrals and lifelong friendships.

Your list is everything. In fact, you can equate your list to money in the bank. And if you don’t have a list, then you can’t sustain a business. So use these strategies discussed here to make building your list your number one priority.

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