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How to Create Valuable Content in 30 Minutes or Less

For some people content creation is a welcomed task.
For others it creates panic and doubt.

But in our business, content is a necessity.

You will not be able to build your business
to the level you desire without your ability to
deliver free and paid tips, strategies, how to’s,
and other resources to address your target
market’s needs.

This is non-negotiable.

Content is used for four primary purposes:
- to grow your list
- to nurture relationships
- to convert prospects to paying clients
- to generate income through the delivery of your
products, programs and services.

You will want to have an abundance of content
that you can deliver in various forms
(written, audio, video) to serve these four purposes.

If you struggle with content creation,here are
a few simple strategies to EASILY create tips,
tricks, strategies and how to’s for your
prospects and clients.

1. Start small.
To build your “content creation muscle”,
write something as simple as a “tip” -
a 150-350 word ‘mini article’ that offers
value in the form of strategies, resources,
tips and how to’s that adress your target
market’s needs, interests and wants.
Tips can also be thought provoking
and inspirational.

2. Think of a question that your ideal client
would ask you about their biggest problems
and answer that question.

3. Think of one particular person who is a client
or prospect and write as though you are talking
to them.

4. Answer in a conversational tone.
Write the way you speak. If this is a struggle
for you, try recording your answer and then
transcribe it.

5. Keep it tight. The problem usually isn’t that
we don’t have enough to say, it usually is that
we have too much to say.
Once we get on a roll, the information
keeps coming and coming. We do not
know where to stop. We end up with
too much information and get confused
about what to keep in, and what to
put in another ‘tip’.

Before you write your tip,
think of one, two or three points to share
to answer the question. Then make only
one or two comments about those points.
This is will allow you to keep your tip focused
and tight, and keep you from running away
with too much content.

Following these few simple strategies will help you
to build your “content creation muscle” so
creating new content becomes an easy task.

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10 Epic Content Ideas

It’s true – we are living in the age of content marketing.

This content marketing age has created a plethora of articles all over the web. More businesses get involved every day and this is making the online world a noisy and crowded place. A recent estimate states that 86 percent of business-to-business companies use content marketing.

The competition for attention out there is huge. In order to stand out, you have to make yourself heard and this means going big or going home. Posting blog posts here and there is not enough. You have to get out there with unique and outstanding content that sparks conversation.

In other words, it’s time to go epic.

Below are 10 monumental content ideas to implement for your business. Use them effectively and you will get noticed and display a voice that will garner the attention of your target niche.

1. Write in-depth, well-researched blog posts.

In this crowded internet culture, your blog posts really need to stand out. The best way to achieve this is to research well and write your posts to be as in-depth as possible.

2. Create a sizeable list of tools and tips for your industry.

Lists are very popular. People love them. And they really love them if they provide valuable information that applies to their daily lives. This is why creating a list of tools is a huge content idea.

Brainstorm some topics to create this list of tools and tips to use in your own campaigns.

3. Conduct your own original research and get published.

People create great content using the research that others conducted. But think about the kind of content you could create if you published your own research. You would attract readers, plus you could link your website to a ton of blogs in your industry.

4. Experts make great partners and help create a strong resource.

There are two essential benefits to creating content with an expert partner.  It’s an opportunity to develop an associate relationship with a key influencer and it gives you access to their network for promotions, launches, etc.

When considering the type of content, don’t worry too much. It doesn’t really matter. It could be an exclusive interview or an hour-long webinar. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s epic.

5. Produce a video series.

Video series are really taking off in the online world. People are watching videos online at an impressive rate. This is an excellent time for a business to invest in this area. Video apps and social media have made producing and sharing videos easier than ever so it’s an excellent time for you to use this medium to your advantage.

6. Conduct interviews with experts in your industry.

This is a great idea for several reasons:

  • It allows you to connect with various of experts in your niche.
  • By contributing, these experts are more immediately aware of your brand.
  • By contributing to your content, it’s more likely that they will share it with their audiences.

Research about 10 to 15 experts in your industry and then request an interview with them on a specific topic. Use the same topic for each interview. When you’ve completed conducting of the interviews, put them together into a compilation content piece.

7. Publish and share an eZine with your audience.

The old tactic of a magazine made new in an online format. A new spin on an old device, updated for the online world, could be an effective move in your business.

8. Make Slideshare presentations with your blogs.

This type of content re-purposing can require some effort, but if done right, it could lead to major rewards for your business.

Ann Hoffman used Slideshare to gain 243,000 views on her blog in 30 days. A great example of how using other formats to publish content can bring effective and successful results for your business.

9. Make a book from your blogs.

By publishing a book, you can immediately increase your authority in the industry.

Have you spent large amounts of time on blogging? If you answered yes, then you probably have enough content for a book draft. Put together related blog posts into a book and then self-publish.

10. Post new, engaging content every day.

Sometimes to really get attention, it’s not so much what you’re delivering, but how you’re delivering it. If you are thinking that you have done everything in your power to publish incredible content, then maybe you should try to increase your content through quantity. Just be sure that the quality is still on par.

Prodigious content can have a massive impact on the success of your business. If done effectively, it will bring traffic, increase awareness of your brand and help you gain new customers.

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Marketing Strategy: Be a Thought-Leader

Trust is the #1 question on the mind of any prospective client.

In order for someone to purchase your products or services, a prospective client must first feel that they can trust you. Waiting until we’re talking about the sale is a big disservice to ourselves and our prospects. A good way to build this trust is to set yourself up as a thought-leader.

Being a thought-leader is providing valuable information, fresh ideas, new perspective, or solutions to ongoing problems. The key is to get inside the heads of your best customers and prospects so you can find out what you need to know. If you learn what issues they are struggling with, you will be able to design the content that will be the most help to them.

Thought leadership in marketing is a way to build trust and show that you’re a valuable resource to your prospective clients before they actually require your services. As a thought-leader, or expert, your prospective market will turn to you for the information and guidance they seek.

Knowing your target market is essential to succeeding as a thought-leader. Key questions to ask yourself: What do they want and/or need to learn? Where do they go for information? How can you become their go-to source?

As a thought-leader, your content will be the answer to their problems. The emphasis should be on sharing your know how without ever mentioning your company or products. Regularly adding value will set you up to be the expert your prospects will seek when a sales opportunity arises. The best tactics for sharing this value-added content are the following:

-White Papers
-Research and Survey Reports
-Podcasts and YouTube Videos
-Charts and Graphs
-Wiki’s, Forums, and Groups

Positioning yourself as a thought-leader is a powerful marketing strategy. Become a known expert for the beneficial information you provide to your market.

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List + Regular Communications = Sales

If you don’t have a list, then you don’t have anybody to market to. If you don’t have anybody to market to, then you don’t have anybody to sell your products and services to. And if you don’t have anybody to sell to, then you can’t sustain a business.

It’s not that far off to say “the person with the biggest list wins.” Or more importantly to say, “the person with the biggest ‘targeted’ list wins”.

List + Regular Communications = Sales

To market effectively, you must have a plan for growing your list, marketing consistently to your list, and converting your prospects and clients. And the 1st step in that plan is to get a name.

When initially marketing to your target audience, the idea should not be to get a sale, but instead to get the name. You will be much more effective if you are marketing your products and services to people who are on your list as opposed to marketing to the general population, even if they are your ideal audience.

The reason for this is that most people when they first become exposed to your business will not be ready to buy. They need time to get to know you, and develop some familiarity and trust before they engage in a client relationship. And if you have their name, you can develop a plan to accomplish that.

Let me give you an example. I follow about a handful of successful marketers, including Jack Canfield. Jack is a very successful author and speaker in the personal development industry.

When Jack has a new product to promote or is doing an event in a city, he may advertise in the local newspaper or on the radio, and if so, I’m sure he gets a small percentage of response from those advertising sources. But Jack sells his products and fills his events mostly from his list. It’s much easier and cost effective to sell to a captured audience who has expressed an interest in your products and services than to a mass market. And Jack is very strategic about the free offers, discounts and enticing communications that he sends to his list to get them to respond.

So keep in mind, it is most effective to first bring your target market into your fold – get them on your list first – and then market to them there.

So how do you get a name? Here are some tips for doing that.

Choose a market –
Having a targeted market allows you to focus more on the needs, culture, and nuances of that market and to be more effective in your marketing efforts therefore, getting you the greatest results. This is a struggle for many business owners because they feel they will be limiting themselves, but the fact is you will have far greater success by marketing to a single market deeply than trying to market to many markets shallowly.
Our culture today is looking for specialists, not generalists. We are looking for people who we feel confident can solve our problems and meet our needs. By choosing a market, you will get known in your market, and establish yourself as a credible expert.

Find where they frequent –
When you have a specific market, you can go to where they frequent most and market to them there.
Brainstorm the places they frequent, by asking yourself these questions:
- Where do they go physically?
- What websites do they visit?
- What online communities are they a part of?
- What organizations are they a part of, etc.?

Capture their attention and get them to take action –
And you do that by giving something of perceived value for free that will allow the prospect to exchange their name for your offer. Many of us have been exposed to this strategy or are already using it in our own business. This strategy is a very effective way to grow your list. I recommend everyone have some sort of a special free offer to use to grow their list where the prospect goes to a single web page or your home page and download it there..

Once you get the name, then the relationship begins. And relationships are built from regular communication, giving value, and allowing your prospect to get to know, like and trust you. And the relationship continues until they are ready to buy. And hopefully it continues long after with referrals and lifelong friendships.

Your list is everything. In fact, you can equate your list to money in the bank. And if you don’t have a list, then you can’t sustain a business. So use these strategies discussed here to make building your list your number one priority.

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How to Stay in Front of Your List All Year Long

As a business owner, it is nice when you can stay in touch with your list on a consistent basis by regularly providing value added products and services, and developing relationships with your prospects until they are ready to convert to a client. This is one of the most effective strategies you can implement to grow your business.

With a planned out strategy, you can create a way to stay in front of your list all year long. Here’s some ideas on how to do that:

Develop several themes that resonate most with your market that educate and inform.

Ideally you want to come up with three to six (or more if they are readily available) topics that you can speak to your market about.

For example, if you are a career coach, you may want to teach on:
-       Networking
-       Interviewing
-       Resume writing
-       Negotiations

Decide on a suite of products and services that you would like to offer.

We recommend using different mediums to deliver your products such as reports, audios, videos, teletrainings, webinars and in person trainings. Different people prefer different ways to learn, so offering several formats allows you to accommodate more learning styles.

As an example, our Ready2Go Marketing Solutions’ products include a special report, 6 part audio training course, speech, teleseminar and workshop. You can use a similar model or create your own. And you may have other products you can add that you may already have created.

Schedule the delivery of these products and services around a main event such as a speech, teleseminar, workshop, or all three.

When scheduling the delivery of your products, arrange them so that the product that requires the least time investment from your prospect is delivered first. Then have your next product require a bit more time investment, and so on.

-       Here’s another example. Let’s say you are a relationship coach, and you may choose to do 4 themes throughout the year on communication, conflict resolution, finances and romance.

-       You are going to do 4 workshops that coincide with these themes as well as a teleseminar for each, all with the intent of eventually converting these couples to clients.

If you’re doing a workshop as your main event, you would schedule backwards from there, offering all the other products and services, and leading people to the workshop.

-       Once the cycle of this theme has been completed, you will have the other themes scheduled and ready to begin. Then you announce it, and roll them out.

-       There may be some lag time between themes and this is when you do other communications like sending your newsletter, a survey, maybe you have a standard telecall that you offer on a regular basis, an article, etc.

When following this model, you are communicating with your list all year long by giving, giving, giving,and providing value added products and services for free and low fee until they are ready to buy!
That is a powerful way to grow your business!

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Are you communicating with your list enough?

Many of you would probably say that you are not communicating with your list as often as you should. For what reasons would you say that you are not communicating more often?

Many of you have said, “I don’t have a big enough list to communicate to”? Or, “ I don’t know what to say”? Or “They’ll think I’m too salesy”?

All of those are very common responses, and are limiting the growth of your business.

There are so many benefits to staying in touch with your list – in fact, there are more benefits to staying in touch with your list than not.

Your prospects and clients need to hear from you, and they need to hear from you more than less.

It is imperative to be connecting with your list on a regular basis so you can establish familiarity, build relationships, let your list know you are alive and well, and YES, that you are taking clients.

And of course, when communicating with your list, your number one goal is to first give value.

In this posting, I will address the most common response I hear which is “I don’t know what to say.” And I will give you some ideas of how to determine ways to talk with your list on a more regular basis.

If you don’t know what to say, start first by asking yourself these questions:
“What are my target market’s 3 biggest problems?”
“What keeps them up at night?”
“What do they need most to improve their lives, work, health, relationships etc?”

If you really take the time to answer those questions (and make a list), you will have PLENTY of things to talk to your list about. Answer those questions in the form of tips, strategies, resources, even sharing a new perspective. Also, remember, we are inundated with information these days. People will appreciate you being the one who disseminates it down into “must know” content.

Often people are paralyzed to write because they feel like they must have something original to say, something brilliant to offer, or something life altering to share. Wow! That’s a lot of pressure. And because of that, people don’t write anything at all! So first and foremost, give yourself a break and realize that you don’t have to say the PERFECT THING and send the PERFECT MESSAGE to your audience EVERY TIME. You don’t have to hit the ball out of the park every time. You just need to give your audience information that THEY perceive is valuable, and STAY IN TOUCH on a regular basis while you create good will and foster relationships. Your goal simply is to stay in touch and stay top of mind and allow your prospects the opportunity to get to know you and see that you are a viable solution to their needs. And the best way to do that is through REGULAR communications.

Don’t worry about writing the next masterpiece. Instead think of topics to talk to your list about so that you can benefit your client and prospects’ lives, and stay top of mind.

And if you need content, consider our Ready2Go products as a core or complimentary topic. There is TONS of professionally crafted content right at your finger tips making staying in touch and staying top of mind a breeze. You can access it here at

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