Do You Have A Brand For Your Business?

One of my clients is setting out to create a brand for her business, and that got me thinking about the importance of having a clearly identifiable brand for all businesses.

As we were working through the process of designing her brand it was amazing to see it come alive through two important elements.

The first element was what she wanted people to ‘feel’ about her business.
The second element was how that feeling or perception would ‘look’
in colors, images and words.

Many business owners do not intentionally create a brand for themselves.
Often it is something that just “happens” without much thought
or strategy – and sometimes that is good, and sometimes not so good.
Not intentionally creating a brand can lead to mixed messages,
inconsistency and buyer confusion.

Confused buyers do not buy.

A brand is both a ‘look’ and ‘feel’ that you want your business to be
recognized by.  At the heart of your brand, is the ‘feel’.
It is what you want to be known for – what you want people to think
of when they think of your business.  And then the ‘look’ pulls it
all together in the form of logos, colors, words and images.

Very importantly, your brand needs to resonate with your target market.
It needs to attract them, speak to their needs, and communicate both visually
and in the written word that you are the right solution for them.

Answer these questions when creating your brand:

If you do not have a name yet, think about what company name is a
reflection of your target market’s greatest needs?

What promises are you making to your ideal clients?

What is the mood and personality of your business?

What colors, words, images and shapes reflect your company’s personality?

Use this information for creating your logo, working with your web designer to design the best look and feel for your web site, and with your copywriter when designing the perfect message for attracting your target market.

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