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Package 9 Review

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  1. Reactivate Your Dreams - Happiness is often found in the pursuit of meaningful goals. What makes a goal meaningful is your desire to achieve it. If there’s something you’ve always wanted, NOW is the time to go get it.
  2. So What? - Failure IS inevitable - it is a reality. Anyone who has accomplished anything worthwhile has failed many times along the way. No one is exempt from failure – even from the little things in life. 
  3. Get To Know Your Emotions - As an adult functioning in society, it’s important to stay connected to your emotions, and learn to manage them without negating them.
  4. Honor Your Own Life - You have your own road to walk. You have talents, gifts and abilities that are uniquely designed just for you, and will help you do what you were put here to do. Comparison to others is the quickest way to suck the joy out of your life. And it can be dangerous.
  5. Excellence in Leadership - Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or simply the head of operations for your household, you’re a leader every day. Knowing this, it’s a good idea to exercise excellence in leadership on every level. 
  6. Rethink Your Limitations - We all possess unique talents that may appear, at first, to be limitations. There is a way to utilize limitations.
  7. Owning Your Success - If you never own your failures, you can never truly own your successes. Most often our actions, beliefs and behaviors are the key to success and to failure.  
  8. You Can’t Manage Time - We don’t manage time. We manage ourselves and our behavior in relation to time. This may seem like annoyingly simple semantics, but it’s actually a very important distinction. 
  9. Leaders Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Colors - Leaders are not defined by bloodlines; leaders are defined by their passion for their cause, their determination to succeed, and their ability to inspire others.
  10. Get Up and Do Something - You have noble goals. You have wonderfully stupendous ideas. Your dreams could make the world a much better place. However, none of your good intentions will amount to anything unless you’re willing to get up, get out, and do something about them.

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