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Package 8 Review

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  1. Be of Service - We all dream of being successful. The true path to lasting success isn't found in material trappings but instead is gained through the unselfish act of contribution.
  2. The Power of Real Commitment - With commitment, your dreams have the power to change the world, and elevate you and your loved ones above daily frustrations to proud greatness. 
  3. Hardship Makes Life Exciting - We crave excitement, adventure and something to push us beyond our comfort zones. Difficulty provides these opportunities, lucky for us, the chance to face difficulties and appreciate the adventure happen daily.
  4. You are Unique and Wonderful- It is easy to look around at the talents of others and question your place in existence, however, as Teddy Roosevelt said "comparison is the thief of joy."
  5. Just Keep Going -While h uge, monumental leaps forward feel great, it is the act of putting one foot in front of the other that's going to get you where you are going. Continued forward motion creates momentum, and your momentum will carry you when you're tired and depleted. 
  6. Move Boldly in the Direction of Your Dream...With Baby Steps - Life is a journey and every journey needs a destination.  That part is easy, set your goal and you have somewhere to walk to. Obstacles will occur, overcoming those requires planning and diligence. 
  7. You're Not Finished Yet - At your core, you are whole and complete.  You are who you are, and who you are is Perfect.  There is a you inside that wants to come out. 
  8. Feel the Fear & Then Go For It! - Every day you will face some form of fear. Everything in your body tells you that danger is imminent.  Your mind begs you to play it safe but you know that overcoming any fear is one of the most exhilarating experiences...and so you go for it. 
  9. Focus, Young Jedi -No matter how good you think you are at multitasking, ancient wisdom and scientific research agree: multi-tasking doesn't work.  You are more effective and successful when you follow a single task through to completion.
  10. Your Experience is Up To You - For every light there is a shadow and it's up to you which one gets your attention.  You have a choice. You can stay focused on your problems and create more worry or you can start look for what's right and create opportunities. 
  11. Share Your Gifts Fully - You were born with innate talents unique only to you. Whatever your talent, it is a gift.  Something that comes easy to you, and in truth, no one can do it quite like you can. 
  12. Happiness is A choice - We don't always feel like being happy when things are not going our way.  But are temporary trouble really worth losing a day or even a moment of happiness? Indeed not. 

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