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Package 7 Review

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  1. Don't Get Stung – If you want to get what you want in life, use honey. The other option is to kick over the beehive and get stung.
  2. Everything Great is Built on Mistakes – Here’s a promise you can count on: As soon as you step outside of your realm of expertise you’re going to make mistakes. The best way to learn, grow and evolve is to take on a new challenge.
  3. It Take Just a Little “Extra” to be Extraordinary - We think being extraordinary requires great feats of bravery, intelligence, or talent. But really being extraordinary requires just a little ‘extra’. How can you think out of the box to be extraordinary today?
  4. Shine Your Light – You are but one person, and while you can have a profound effect on the world around you, you simply cannot fix it all. However, you can make the choice, day by day, to shine your light and brighten up your corner of your world.
  5. Just Take One Step – Every accomplishment big or small starts with a first step. And by taking another and another, patterns develop and momentum builds, making the journey easier.
  6. Never Give Up – Persistence is a virtue that is often overlooked in today’s society. Current trends are all about easy, instant gratification. But true success is founded upon the principle of perseverance and persistence. What do you need to persist toward today?
  7. Are You Using All Your Gears? – For decades, scientific studies have shown that, on average, we only use about 10% of our brains. This indicates that the vast majority of our potential is completely unused. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of things you can do to awaken your brain and start using more of your gears.
  8. Happiness Is An Inside Job – It may seem that the outside world has a big influence on your happiness, but the fact is that there are blissful people living in abject poverty, and miserable wrecks living in penthouse apartments with all the material comforts the world can offer. This goes to show that happiness is truly an inside job.
  9. You Can’t Do It Alone – By accepting that we can’t do it all, we open the possibility of partnership with others in pursuit of the bigger dream. There are those around us who possess abilities and limitations complementary to ours. They’re weak where we’re strong. They excel where we fail. These people are our ideal teammates.
  10. Get Started Now – Do you have passions, dreams and interests that you are not acting upon? Imagine if Picasso, Rembrandt or Beethoven did not pursue their passions? What would the world have lost without their gifts? What are you denying yourself and the world by not unleashing your gifts? This Artful Inspiration will give you three tips for turning your dreams and goal into real-world achievements.
  11. Take Control of Your Brain – Your brain has incredible power to harness for ANYTHING you want in life. But it has to be cared for like the incredible boundless machine that it is. This Artful Inspiration shares tips on how to keep your brain happy and healthy.
  12. Set Yourself On Fire – We look at others’ success and think, “It just happened. They are the lucky ones.” And for a very select few, that may be the case. But really for the other 99.9% of us is that success is a user-driven experience. In other words… If you want it, it’s up to YOU to get it.

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