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  1. One Commitment
    Discipline can have a domino effect. Creating discipline throughout all areas of your life can be achieved by creating discipline in   one   area of your life.

  2. Be Grateful for Each Day
    Every day is a gift - even the not so good days.   By practicing gratitude you are sure to see more things you are grateful for. And when you recognize the goodness around you,   and give thanks for it , it makes you happier. And when you are happier, more things work in your favor. 

  3. 3 Habits of Highly Disciplined People
    Self-discipline is the secret to success in any endeavor. If you want to be really good at something, you must focus your time and energy, sacrificing more immediately pleasurable pursuits. And with these three key insights and some practice, you too can become a “disciplined person.”

  4. Practice Optimism
    Believe it or not, pessimism has value.  But as we know, it’s the optimists that have the ability to brainstorm better outcomes and opportunities, and then put them into action.  It's the optimists who strike out on new adventures, start new businesses, and invent new technologies when others tell them it’s impossible. Despite your obstacles, lock into and hold onto your internal optimist.

  5. Make The Most Of Your Time Alone
    Our lives are filled to the brim with demands on our time and attention, and we are constantly bombarded by words, sounds, sights, and smells. Occasionally we get a break in the madness and things are silent. The next time you find yourself with some quiet time, instead of filling it, take time to stop and find solitude in this rare moment.

  6. Give Love
    I think that we can all agree that love is amazing. It feels good to give, to receive, and to simply be in the presence of. But sometimes our love bank account runs a little low.  But you can choose to fill it back up, and actively generate   more love in 4 easy ways.

  7. Accentuate the Positive
    Attitude is everything. And while you can’t always improve your immediate circumstances, or change the behavior of others, you can always change, redirect, and upgrade your attitude. Check out these 3 proven methods to help you turn toward the light any time you may be feeling a little blue.

  8. Manage Your Mind
    Everything you’ve ever done or said first started with a thought. Your thoughts are incredibly powerful tools, and you can choose what you think just as easily as you can choose what you eat for dinner tonight. You just have to first be aware, and then make a conscious choice. Check out 3 simple strategies you can use to manage your mind and take control of your thoughts anytime.

  9. Appreciate Yourself
    You work hard, you sacrifice a lot, you make great achievements, and you have the need to be recognized and appreciated. And while you can’t rely on others to be your cheerleaders, you can learn to appreciate and encourage yourself.

  10. The Bright Side
    No matter what kinds of chaotic situations you may face in your life, the one thing you can ALWAYS control is your attitude. Your mindset and your beliefs are yours, and you can always choose to behave in alignment with the bright side.