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  1. Focus on This – Is your focus helping you…or is it time to refocus on something new?
  2. Go into Your Wilderness – What journey will you take that will lead you to new discoveries and opportunities?
  3. Look for the Love – When you seek experiences of love, you are filling yourself with life.
  4. Success is a Discipline – Success doesn’t happen in one moment; it’s the culmination of a few simple disciplines.
  5. The First Half of Any Problem – By seeing a problem for what it is, it’s much easier to create a solution where everyone wins.
  6. Practice Winning Everyday – Choose to make winning a way of life.
  7. The Right Place – Now is the right time and place to start. Everything you have is already within you.
  8. The World Needs You – If everyone did a little, we could indeed change the world…one act at a time.
  9. Value is More Than a Big Bank Account – Strive to serve others as you achieve success and you will truly be rich.
  10. Wonderful Things - There are many wonderful things that can only be done by you.
  11. You are the One – By having the courage to pursue what is in your heart, you benefit in ways that are immeasurable…and so does everyone around you.
  12. You Can Handle It – All your challenges and lessons of life have prepared you perfectly for where you are right now.

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