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    Projecting Your Tomorrow and Heading Toward It Today


    To see a sample of the speech, click here.

    Program Summary

    This presentation is designed to help people understand the importance of goal setting. Regardless of where someone is in their career or along their life path, this topic will apply to them. The presentation includes practical, easy to implement steps in developing goals and following through with action.

    Benefits of this speech

    Successful people accomplish their goals in life by design and not by default. During this presentation, your group will learn the importance of goal setting and some tips to create a personal vision. Additionally, they will walk away with ideas for SMART goals and how to put their goals into action.

    Speech Outline

    I. Introduction

    a. Opening story
    b. Introduction to speech content

    1. Creating a vision
       2. ID strategies 
       3. Developing actions

    II. Vision

    a. Begin with the end in mind
    b. 6 dimensions of a vision

    III. Strategies

    a. Examples
    b. SMART goals 

    IV. Actions

    a. Results of no action
    b. Gap Chart
    c. Checklist
    d. Accountability

    V. Closing

    a. Review create the vision, develop the best strategies, take action
    b. Final questions


    To see a sample of the workshop, click here.