Six part Audio Training Program: "Top Secrets from the Industry Leaders on How to Conduct Impactful Workshops"
Two hour audio training course: How to effectively market your workshop for maximum attendance and results and learn workshop facilitation essentials.
Special Report: "Keys to Facilitating a Successful Workshop"
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Thriving in the Midst of Change

Audio Training Program

To see a sampling of the audio training program, click here.

Program Summary

In these 6 short scripted audios that you record in your own voice and send to your clients and prospects, they will explore:

  • Three phases of the change process.
  • Did you know different personality types deal with change differently? Learn how in this segment.
  • How to navigate with ease through the transitional phase of change – the biggest and most challenging phase.
  • How to not let change get the best of you and how to continue to be resilient time and time again.
  • 5 tips that will help you become your best self and thrive during change.
  • Helping others cope with the difficulties of change.

The titles for the audio series are:

Audio 1 – Change: What’s it Really All About

Audio 2 – What’s Your Style When it Comes to Change?

Audio 3 – Position for a Transition During Change

Audio 4 – Bouncing Back from Change

Audio 5 – Becoming the Best You

Audio 6 – Helping Others Navigate the Course of Change

Audio Training programs are a powerful tool for delivering value, and keeping in touch with your clients and prospects.

Thriving in the Midst of Change is a six-part audio series designed to help your clients and prospects understand the phases of change, learn ways to welcome it instead of resist it, and to give strategies to thrive the next time they encounter a change.


To see a sampling of the audio training program, click here.