Six part Audio Training Program: "Top Secrets from the Industry Leaders on How to Conduct Impactful Workshops"
Two hour audio training course: How to effectively market your workshop for maximum attendance and results and learn workshop facilitation essentials.
Special Report: "Keys to Facilitating a Successful Workshop"
    PLUS you'll receive ongoing tips and information on how to grow your business using valuable tools that convert more prospects to clients! respect your privacy (see policy) and will never rent or sell your contact information.
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    Four products bundled at a special price: one Special Report, 2 Articles, 12 Success Tips and 60 Tweets.


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    Seven products bundled at a special price: Audio Training Program; Success Tips; Tweets; Special Report; PowerPoint Slides for Teleseminar; Teleseminar & Self-Study (same content/different format).
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    Nine products bundled at a special price: Special Report, Audio Training Program, Speech, Teleseminar & Self-Study (same content/different format), Webinar, Workshop, Success Tips, and Tweets.


    Reclaim Your Time and Live a More Fulfilling Life

    Special Report

    To see a sample of the special report, click here.

    Program Summary

    Striking that perfect chord of work and life can be truly wonderful, and when you know how to make that feeling last, it can make for a less stressful and more peaceful world for you and those around you.

    • You look better.
    • You feel better.
    • You are more relaxed.
    • You’re happier.
    • You may even live longer.

    When you have an elegant work-life balance you are in control—of your time, of your relationships, of your money and of your life.

    Worth pursuing? Of course, but for some reason most people just can’t figure out how to achieve an ongoing sense of balance in their lives, so they just keep muddling through.

    In this special report, Finding Balance – Am I There Yet?, your prospects and clients will receive some amazing action plans and real world advice that will have them more balanced in both their work and their life.

    In this special report your prospects and clients will discover:

    • What work-life balance really is
    • How their balance is affected by both negative and positive aspects of life
    • How they can be controlled by external influences, and how to turn it around to their favor
    • How to get clear on the factors that influence their balance
    • Ways to implement real action plans that can help them achieve balance over the long term

    Once your clients read this special report they will achieve greater peace of mind, see more enriching and productive relationships, and become more energized and efficient in everything they do.

    To see a sample of the special report package, click here.