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    Audio Training Program

    To see a sample of the audio training series, click here.

    Program Summary

    Finding the right balance of your personal and professional life is one of the most common complaints of people of all walks of life. The fact is, finding balance is one thing, it's maintaining it that is often much harder.

    Being able to, “keep all your plates spinning” is an art form, yet there is so much riding on your ability to do so.

    Just imagine what it would be like if your life was in balance. Think about how much more productive and relaxed you could be, and how much more your relationships would improve.

    In this 6 part audio training series, your prospects and clients will:

    • Learn the true definition of work-life balance and what that means for them.
    • Examine and assess the balance between work and life in their own life right now.
    • Create a vision of their ideal balanced life.
    • Understand and identify the most common inner obstacles to work-life balance.
    • Understand and identify the most common outer obstacles to work-life balance.
    • Identify some small, simple changes they can make that will make a BIG difference.

    The audios are only 4-6 minutes long, so they don’t take a large time commitment, but they are jam packed with valuable information about the how to create balance in your life.

    The titles for the audio series are

    Audio #1. What is Work-Life Balance?

    Audio #2. Weighing Your Own Balance

    Audio #3. Your Balanced Day

    Audio #4. Inner Obstacles to Balance

    Audio #5. Outer Obstacles to Balance

    Audio #6. Small and Simple Choices for Work-Life Balance

    Audio Training programs are a powerful tool for delivering value, and keeping in touch with your clients and prospects.

    To see a sample of the audio training series, click here.