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Kim Clausen
Kim Clausen, President
Ready2Go Marketing Solutions, Inc.


For a limited time, get 3 hours of coaching with Kim and work one-to-one to get clarity, get unstuck and create momentum to propel your business forward!

Have questions? 
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Need an expert to strategize your exact next steps?

You and Kim will spend 3 HOURS working ONE-ON-ONE on your greatest areas of need including:

  • identifying your target market and niche
  • creating your list growth plan
  • developing your free gift
  • setting up the technology for your business
  • creating your communication plan
  • developing your products, programs or services
  • creating a signature webinar
  • developing your funnel
  • and much more!

Get 3 hours of coaching for $997  $597
(If you want 6 hours, select quantity 2, etc.)

This is a unique and exclusive opportunity to do one-on-one coaching with Kim to develop your strategy and create your plan for YOUR specific business goals.

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